Pâtisserie is something more, than just your regular cake bakery...

We offer a multitude of side services, in addition to serving you at our bakery.

Starting with business and weddings catering and finishing with waiter rentals and tailoring and delivering a diet menu for you...

We cater any types of events. Starting with weddings, baby showers, bachelor parties, birthdays and finishing with anniversaries...
Waiter rental
If you want to rent out one of our seasoned and skillful waiters for your event or a gala dinner, we'll be more than glad to do that!
Business catering
Pâtisserie offers a business catering service that will keep even the most demanding companies well-fed, well serviced and satisfied!
Personal Menu Delivery
If you're looking for a balanced, well selected menu, our tailored personal catering service will deliver it to you in no time! Any item on our menu can be delivered using this service!
Party Consulting
As food events professionals, we'll be more than glad to spare one of our managers to advise you on party's menu, selection of beverages and the interior for any type of occasion...
Diet Menu
We know how hard it is to follow a diet on your own... CherryONTop will customize its menu for any specific type of diet you're on! We'll even deliver it to your doorstep, 3 times a day!